Thursday, February 1, 2018

Chef Thomas Waite’s Go-To Neighbourhood Destination, Spruce on Wellington, Celebrates its One Year Anniversary

Spruce on Wellington is a seriously good neighbourhood restaurant. Chef/owner Thomas Waite and his staff are celebrating the restaurant’s first anniversary this month. The food is among the top-tier in London, Ontario. Waite and his staff are among a select group of restaurant professionals devoted to offering and advancing locally-focused contemporary Canadian cuisine in the city. The restaurant opened in January 2017 in a small house on Wellington Street between Oxford and Piccadilly Street. Its warm minimalist design has charm and is compact with 32 seats in the dining room and 22 on a nicely appointed seasonal patio.

Waite is celebrating the anniversary with updates to the warm décor, acoustic enhancement and the launch of new and accessibly priced menus. The friendly, intelligent staff includes chef Ashton Gillespie, Jamie Sandwith, Larissa McCutcheon and Jason Astels who are committed to delivering a professional restaurant experience. The culinary team is known for classic, seasonal food preparations, with a modern twist. Changing menus allow the team to express a focused and curated culinary point of view with an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients. Innovation is the driving force to which Waite attributes the success of The Spruce, and of The In Home Chef as one of London’s most well-regarded caterers.

Acknowledging that he has been on a steep learning curve this past year, Waite has learned what to do better. He realizes that restaurants that continue to grow and prosper are the ones that are most willing and readily able to adapt to changing trends and shifts in the marketplace. To stay at the top of the game, Waite is constantly re-evaluating his approach to the restaurant business and on a continuing basis, developing fresh new menus. In a dedicated effort to avoid being pigeonholed by the “special occasion” restaurant moniker, Waite has intentionally encouraged patrons to view The Spruce as more of a go-to neighbourhood destination.

Streamlining his restaurant operations at The Spruce, to synchronize with his In Home Chef business, Waite anticipates that the operations will be more cohesive. He is also pleased to announce a new slate of immersive cooking classes to be held at the restaurant for culinary enthusiasts.
As modern dining experiences continue to change, Waite and his staff, appreciate shifting demands create the need for fresh ways to heighten the customer’s experience.

“Waite is a chef for whom work is everything — his consuming passion is for cooking and jobs he can really sink his teeth in. His cuisine is beautifully handcrafted, classic in its influences, innovative in sensibility and plating.” — Bryan Lavery, Food Editor, eatdrink Magazine

“To me, being a chef isn’t a job; it’s my life’s passion. When I am in a kitchen working with my hands, I feel complete. Being a chef isn’t just a part of me, it’s who I am.” — Thomas Waite

The Spruce on Wellington
731 Wellington St.
London, ON

MONDAY-Cooking Classes

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