Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Thoughtful Dining and Contemporary Canadian Cuisine at Reverie

Reverie will be a 12 seat Restaurant serving Contemporary Canadian Cuisine. Its run by chef/ owner Brian Sua-an. It'san intimate 500 SF space with 4 tables and a bar. There will be only one menu of 5 courses. Thoughtful cooking is the main structure of the cuisine. Its goal is to serve inventive and intelligent cuisine based on simple, high-quality ingredients. Everything else is secondary. By keeping everything simple, from the facade down to the interior of the restaurant, menu prices will be reasonable. The focus is great food in a casual and relaxed environment.

Brian was previously the head pastry chef in Beiruti Grand Cafe in Toronto before moving to London. Soon after he staged at NOMA and 108 Restaurant in Denmark. It has been Brian's dream to open a restaurant but never thought of it as a 12 seater, let alone a tasting menu only. He plans to use modern techniques that work and apply it to his cuisine to make a dish better, not lesser. Using seasonal and local produce is important but quality is adamant. The menu changes occasionally with respect to season and availability. 

Simplicity with quality comes first. No pretensions.

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