Sunday, August 27, 2017

Writer’s Block and Tackle


Martha’s back against the wall
Dispensing common sense
Consuming critics like side dish
Bulwarks of self-defence

It’s another literary device
Angling tackle and advice
We all pay the price
Fishing for compliments

In the unchartered seas
Of wordsmiths and fishermen
Baiting idleness and tempo
Is the lure and hook of verse

Casting lines, we curse
An Armada of self-doubt
When nets are full of syntax
We’re still tethered to a pout

Gone fishing for inspiration
Rigging the line with bait
Just the folly of a writer’s
Block and tackle fate

Hooked tongue-in-cheek
Small mouthed complaints
The bragging and laments
Of the one that got away

Big fish with small pond goals
One more drag anchor symptom
Like treading water in fishbowls
Waiting for hardships to come in

copyright 2002 Bryan Parker Lavery

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