Monday, April 25, 2016

Love Letter to Black George, Karac and Kantina


Black George like its predecessor Kantina has been one of those independent businesses that thrive on creativity, dedication and commitment enhanced by well-honed and sophisticated culinary points of view. Both incarnations have been meccas for serious food and wine enthusiasts in Downtown London. I have enjoyed many memorable meals in both these establishments.

Owner Miljan Karac built the former Kantina’s stellar reputation on innovative Balkan-inspired cuisine, prepared from scratch with farm-to-table ideals. There is no denying the deftness, innovation and instinct that both Karac and his former chef Danijel “Dacha” Markovic originally brought to the table.

Over the last six years, Karac has offered some of the most strikingly realized and highly characterized cutting-edge cuisine imbued with farm-to-table ideals around.  At Kantina Markovic reinterpreted classic Balkan–inspired cooking with a fresh twist in the chic but casual Talbot Street restaurant.

Just last year Kantina was relaunched as Black George to great success with chef Courtney Noble at the helm. Karac's culinary teams have always taken great pains to ensure the cuisine bears the marks of authenticity of the hands that made it. Over the years, Karac and his team have served exceptionally good food, at accessible prices combined with intelligent and friendly service.

Karac has remained true to his strengths and culinary philosophies and Black George has been the natural evolution and maturing of him as an innovator and restaurateur. Now other ideas and opportunities are calling Karac, and other restaurateurs and colleagues will be left to continue to carry the farm-to-table torch in London’s culinary scene
“The decision to do so was not an easy as a lot of love and effort has been put into making this place a great restaurant. As one door closes, another one opens and sometime soon, an eclectic establishment will open in this space”, says Karac in a recent e-mail. 

In the meantime let’s support Karac and Black George until it officially closes on May 14th 2016. Who knows what is on the horizon.

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