Thursday, May 14, 2015

London's Local Flavour Culinary Guide 2015

London's Local Flavour Culinary Guide 2015
 In London, Ontario there are many culinary professionals who are actively embracing new and original versions of the farm-to-table experience. They represent the vanguard of the modern Ontario culinary scene and have a reputation for ingenuity and creativity. They possess exceptional, compelling culinary philosophies and are committed to fostering a cutting-edge culinary repertoire by sharing their knowledge with fellow professionals and patrons.

We have cooks, restaurateurs, farmers’ markets, publicans, retailers and food-lovers who are not just advocating “eating and drinking local” and “eating seasonal,” they are enthusiastically and creatively promoting and developing new region-specific cuisines. They have a reputation for referencing both the local terroir and the heart of Ontario country tradition for inspiration. As for their cuisine, it’s made from scratch and it’s ground-breaking. They are implementing time-honoured traditions and trusted techniques yet delivering ingredients in fresh ways while focusing on the local sourcing of ingredients, nutrition and environmental sustainability.

Many of these trailblazers are profiled in the London’s Local Flavour 2015 Culinary Guide. While we celebrate local farmers, our true food stars are innovating in kitchens throughout the city, offering up some of Ontario’s finest food and pairing them with a rich variety of craft beer and VQA wine tasting experiences. 
The increase in London’s range and choices in culinary offerings reflects both our growing ethnic diversity and an increased demand driven by sophisticated consumers who are seeking bolder, more exotic and authentic tastes from a variety of cultures. Our various restaurants, new and old, distinguish themselves with both tradition and up-to-the-minute adaptations of our region’s characteristic flavours and ingredients. 

Culinary tourism and the local food movement are not trends, but a change in the collective mindset of communities across Canada. When it comes to food what’s local is usually what is best. Nowhere is the love of all things culinary more evident than in the popularity of culinary tourism in Ontario. London is a natural hub for this and, in fact, culinary tourism is booming in our city and all around us. Authentic culinary tourism is the experiential ‘taste’ of a place rooted in its terroir. It starts with agriculture and the people who grow our food.

 The Local Flavour can be picked up at the airport (and with the limo drivers there), the train station, tourist information centres and the farmers’ markets. Lots of copies are distributed through the restaurants and other participants, and the libraries.

Tourism London of course sends out copies with enquiries and pitches to groups, as does Downtown London, and the Convention Centre, where copies are also circulated.
Whether you’re interested in one-stop shopping at one of our specialty food shops, or at our many farmers’ markets for a diversity of local products, or just want to explore the unique destination restaurants throughout our city, we know you’ll enjoy the vast choice of dining and drinking options London has offering a taste of our "Local Flavour." 

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